Best ways to train your brain

Best ways to train your brain in 2022

Our body functions on the instruction of the brain. Whatever we do, the action is sent from the brain. Without giving exercise and work to our brain, it will become lazy and slowly start forgetting … Read more

Importance of sleep for students

Importance of sleep for students

In the past, people followed a strict sleeping pattern. Sleep is an important process for the overall functioning of the body. Nowadays, students are suffering from insomnia a lot more than adults. Let’s see the importance … Read more

What is mental health 7 ways to make it fit

What is mental health? 7 ways to make it fit

Most of us only take care of physical health and fail to maintain mental health. Mental health includes emotional, physiological, and social behavior with others. It should be maintained with care to achieve our goals … Read more

What is monkeypox And its precautions

What is monkeypox? And its precautions

Human monkeypox: Monkeypox is a Zoonotic viral disease that spreads from animals to humans. Once a human is affected by monkeypox, it spreads from person to person. Human monkeypox is more severe than animal monkeypox … Read more