Our body functions on the instruction of the brain. Whatever we do, the action is sent from the brain. Without giving exercise and work to our brain, it will become lazy and slowly start forgetting everything. Let’s see how to train your brain in this blog.

Train your brain – What is a brain?

The brain is the one that controls all our body systems. It is a small organ that fits in our palm and weighs 300grams. Our body functions on the instruction of the brain. Whatever we do, the action is sent from the brain. Now you are reading this blog; even this instruction is sent from the brain. It stimulates the cells to read the blog. Our brains do the hard work of analyzing the text and creating a visual image of what we’re reading. 

The brain stores each thing we learned from our childhood. Our brain doesn’t forget anything; only we are not using it in the right way. We need to give exercise to our brain, then only it will stay active forever. Without giving exercise and work to our brain, it will become lazy and slowly start forgetting everything. Like doing adventurous things in life, we should also give interesting activities to our brains. Only then will it stay active and keep our memory strong forever. Let us discuss types of memories, exercises to keep our brain active, and foods that keep our brain healthy. 

What are types of memory:?

The brain’s primary function is to memorize everything we see, read, do, and hear. After storing these things, our brain will instruct, and body parts act accordingly. The memories are divided into six types. They are,

Short-term memory:

It only stores for a few seconds. It won’t be stored anywhere in the memory like memorizing the OTP. We will forget within a minute. 


This type of memory will store forever in our brain, like walking, reading, talking, etc.; from childhood, we will start doing it. 

Working memory:

Noting down phone numbers and saying them again. If we say any number wrong by mistake, suddenly another person will correct it. This is working memory; the brain will instantly react to errors. 

Episodic memory:

We won’t remember what happened from the first but will remember what happened at the last meeting. We will forget how it starts when we meet someone, but we only retain what we did last time.  

Semantic memory:

It is the recognition memory. By thinking about birds, we will know how it will be. This is the logical thing that is fixed in our brain.

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Spatial memory:

It is the calculation memory; we know what to do and how to do it. We will know that it will be hot if we go near the fire. So we will stay away from it. 

Procedural memory:

It is a skillful memory. First, when we start to write, it will be difficult and we learn step by step, and now we won’t follow the same procedure while writing. We will be experts in it. This is procedural memory. 

How to memorize things easily? 


If you want to memorize something and increase brain activity, you first need to be interested in it. Without curiosity, we can’t learn any new thing. You feel lazy and keep skipping the thing instead of memorizing it.


The easy trick to remembering something is associating it with something you already know. We will memorize math formulas by associating them with some other funny poems. Likewise, you can do it. 


If you can’t remember something by interest and association, try to visualize it. Do you remember your favorite cartoon that you watched in your childhood? You won’t remember what language you watched, what they said, but you remember the cartoon; how is it possible? Because your brain stores the visualization of the cartoon, only you remember it even now. Visualization has more power. 


Imagine a thing differently. You always remember something unique and different, and you won’t remember something similar to others. So imagine it uniquely and remember it. 


The most important thing. Don’t go with visualization alone; feel, smell, hear and taste it. By activating all your senses, you will memorize easily. If you think about your close ones, you not only remember their face, you remember their smell, voice, etc., So observation is a quick process for memorizing. 

Chunking process:

Split the thing into small pieces and remember it. Do you observe a thing while saying your phone number? How will you say it? You will say by 2:2:3:3 or some other patterns. It helps to remember the number at ease. Even in our childhood, our teacher would split long words and teach us. So only we remember still now. 


Your brain will always check for patterns to memorize easily. Try to pattern the thing and start to memorize it. 

Big end little pics:

Remember small to big things you see, so you can memorize them accordingly. You won’t forget it. Don’t see the main characters alone; watch everything in it.   

Avoid distraction:

This is the main thing that lags our memorizing process. Concentrate on a thing and learn it. You still remember math tables; how is it possible? It is because in your childhood you learn it with concentration. So, focus on the thing properly without any disturbance.

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You learned everything but still can’t remember; why is it happening? You are not retrieving the thing again. Learning is not sufficient; you should apply it in your life and remember it often. Then only it will stay in your memory forever. How do you remember your new phone number? You often retrieve it and share it with others. So only you remember it. 

Foods increase your memory power:

  • Blueberries.
  • Eggs.
  • Fatty fishes.
  • Fruits.
  • Green leaves.
  • Nuts.
  • Pumpkin seeds.
  • Caffeine.
  • Turmeric.
  • Whole grains.

These foods are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients, etc., which help to increase your brain activity and boost every cell in the brain. Learning is one thing, and food is another thing. These both should be balanced rightly; then only you can train your brain sharply.

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