Bluehost vs Pressable: Which is the best host?

Bluehost vs Pressable : Which-is-the-best-host

Finding the best web hosting service is the first and most important step toward having a well-functioning e-commerce, blog or business site.

You want to find one that is quick, efficient, simple, and provides excellent value for money without causing unnecessary problems. Let’s dive into Bluehost vs pressable in this article.

A slow, unresponsive website is not only inconvenient, but it can also be a liability for your company.

Bluehost and Pressable are two of the best WordPress hosting providers available. They race around the same track like NASCAR drivers, trying to outmatch each other. The race can be perplexing for those who are new to hosting.

Because both companies take pride in their WordPress compatibility, I’ll compare Pressable and Bluehost based on the quality of their managed WordPress hosting plans. Finally, you’ll have a good idea of which web host is best for your needs.

Overall, Bluehost is a jack-of-all-trades focused on assisting hosting beginners (and businesses) in quickly establishing an online presence. Pressable, on the other hand, is a niche hosting service that promises to integrate with the WordPress CMS (content management system) like no other.

Pressable’s servers are scalable, secure, high-performing and specifically designed to run WordPress – it’s all they do.

Unfortunately, Pressable can be quite costly, especially compared to a service like Bluehost, which is just as good in many ways while also being one of the most affordable hosting providers available.

Is the price difference worth it? Before deciding between Bluehost and Pressable, make sure to read on for all of the pertinent information.

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Bluehost vs Pressable: Performance and Speed

Pressable is the clear winner in terms of speed and performance. Their optimized WordPress environment, including their data network and server infrastructure, has resulted in some of the most impressive speed test results we’ve seen.

My personal experience with Pressable hosting has resulted in excellent website speed and performance.

While Bluehost has improved site speed in both Shared and Optimized WordPress hosting, they still fall short of Pressable in this category.

Bluehost vs Pressable: Customer Service

Pressable also took first place in the Customer Support category. Because they specialize in WordPress, you will receive more consistent and responsive issue resolution and answers to your questions.

Although Bluehost had made significant strides to improve its support in recent years, they have recently reverted to less impressive levels.

Problem resolution isn’t as quick or consistent as it once was. As a result, Pressable also receives a tick here.

Bluehost vs Pressable: Server Infrastructure

Pressable hosts its infrastructure in Rackspace data centres. This means that Pressable does not own the servers on which your website is hosted, but rather manages them on your behalf.

The good news is that Rackspace is a well-known name in the cloud computing industry, as well as a publicly traded company.

The cloud provides numerous benefits, including increased flexibility, improved data security, and lower costs. Many of these benefits can be found in Pressable’s hosting service.

Despite the fact that Pressable has three US data centres and one in Europe, users cannot currently choose where their website is hosted. If you’re from the United States and the majority of your customers are from Europe, you’re out of luck.

Bluehost is in a similar situation. Although the company has not officially disclosed the number and location(s) of its data centres, support agents can confirm that there is only one and that it is located in Ohio, United States.

One significant distinction is that Bluehost manages its own infrastructure. This configuration has some advantages.

For example, because the company builds and customizes its servers in-house, any hardware upgrades can be addressed immediately rather than waiting for a third party.

Bluehost vs Pressable: Loading speed

Is it faster to load pages on Pressable or Bluehost? Because there are so many variables that influence loading times, providing a definitive answer is rare. Don’t worry: I’ll do my best to make things clear.

To begin, you must ensure that you are not the cause of your website’s poor performance. Everyone, including race car drivers, has a bad day now and then.

To ensure that this is not the case, you must go through the entire list of factors influencing your load times and address each one individually.

Aside from that, make sure your plan has enough resources to handle the type of traffic you get on your website.

Bluehost has an advantage here because it is a full-service hosting provider. If your website ever receives 50,000 daily unique visitors, you can upgrade to a VPS or even a dedicated plan to provide a hosting environment capable of handling any load.

Pressable’s most expensive managed WordPress plan can handle up to 13,000 daily visitors, and there are no VPS or dedicated solutions available beyond that. Having said that, Pressable’s web server software has a slight edge over Bluehost.

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Bluehost vs Pressable: Security and Protection

Security is the only category in which Bluehost and Pressable tie, making Pressable the clear winner. The matchup favours Pressable, particularly when it comes to entry-level plans.

Bluehost provides free SSL certification to its customers. In this day and age, an SSL certificate and HTTPS protocol tell visitors that your site is trustworthy and secure, and that their most sensitive data is safe with you.

Bluehost vs Pressable: Uptime

Website downtime has far-reaching consequences, ranging from a lower rank in search engine results to a loss of credibility and profits.

Top-tier hosting services provide excellent uptime, and this is one area where you should make no compromises, especially if you intend to monetize your site.

Pressable has an excellent uptime SLA (Service Level Agreement) that guarantees its network will be available at all times, not just during scheduled maintenance.

If your Pressable site goes down, you may be eligible for a 5% refund of your monthly hosting costs for every 30 minutes of network downtime.

Bluehost, on the other hand, guarantees 99.9% service availability. While Bluehost does not have an SLA, third-party records show that the company adheres to this standard with great accuracy.

This is something we can attest to because the company’s uptime has always been excellent when we conducted tests for previous Bluehost comparisons.

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Bluehost appears to be less expensive than Pressable, but its prices are actually comparable. Almost all reviewers mention Bluehost’s affordable pricing in comparison to Pressable’s expensive plans. Check Bluehost pricing and Pressable pricing.


Although both Pressable and Bluehost can provide solid WordPress hosting, the choices are clear in this head-to-head comparison.

If you need WordPress hosting for an established or critical website, I recommend Pressable. Pressable is a more expensive option for WordPress and WooCommerce sites.

However, if you’re a beginner looking for a simpler WordPress hosting and website-building environment, I recommend Bluehost.

In this Pressable vs Bluehost comparison, Pressable comes out on top.

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