Quora is known as a question-and-answer platform. Like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc., Quora is a well-known business development platform. Let’s look at Quora ads in detail.

About Quora:

Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever started Quora in June 2010. Quora is known as a question-and-answer platform. Here you can find answers to any question. At the same time, you can ask your queries in different spaces. Quora has more than 300 million visitors per month. Of these, 35% of visitors are from America, and next to it is India.

32.5% of people using Quora are in the age group of 25 to 34. People used to share many inspirational stories, success stories, life events, etc., so many gained knowledge through this platform. Whatever you search on Google, answers from Quora will reflect it. It consistently ranks No. 1 and has the highest traffic every month. With lots of user traffic, Quora steps into the next level of business development.

Benefits of Quora ads:

High User Purpose:

Quora ads provide a wide range of discussions to target with ads, permitting you to reach the right users with the appropriate message at the appropriate time.

Quora results appear fast:

Quora can be a helpful traffic driver to your website or blog if used correctly.

A low-cost advertising platform:

Because they are still relatively new, advertising costs are lower than those of Google and Facebook. 

About Quora ads:

Quora serves as the digital ad platform to promote our business. Like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc., Quora is a well-known business development platform. It was launched in 2016. People can run ads here, reach their audience, and promote their business. Here are a few steps to creating an ad on Quora.

  • Create a campaign
  • Five types of objectives
  • Budget fixing
  • Add set
  • What is the primary target?
  • What can be included and excluded in a campaign?
  • Bid type
  • Display type
  • Processing time

Create a campaign:

The very first step is to create an account, which is free. You need to give your name, business email, currency, business name, business URL, business country, and industrial type. After this, you can start your campaign. Then you need to select objectives.

Five types of objectives:

Five types of objectives are found in Quora. You can choose it based on your business promotion.

1. Conversation:

You will route your audience to your website to complete the form. It is a kind of conversation starting. Users will eagerly visit your website and know what is going on.

2. App installation:

It is mostly used for downloading applications. When you develop an app, this Quora ad campaign will help to promote your app and increase downloads. 

3. Traffic:

It helps to increase your website traffic alone. Once the traffic is increased, your website will be visible to many people. Many people pick this objective. 

4. Awareness:

It promotes your business as well as engages users. They will start to have a conversation with you directly through their answers.

5. Lead generation:

It has much information about your website and induces eagerness to visit it. After picking an option from the objective, users will move to the pricing step.

Budget fixing:

Now, users need to fix their Quora ad price. You can choose according to your budget. There is no limitation to it. As much as you spend, it will reach a maximum number of people. You can schedule your campaign start and end date. Even if you don’t schedule a date, once your ad is approved, it will start to run. Maximum the ad will run for a month. 

Add set:

This is the next step. Here you can add many sets targeting different countries. Then, you will move to the target audience.

What is the primary target?

It includes four types. They are,

1. Contextual targeting:

Here, you can target people who search for certain topics, keywords, and questions.

2. Audience targeting:

You can target your ads to the public based on your website traffic, customer contact lists, and lookalike audiences. 

3. Behavioral targeting:

The audience is targeted based on their search history, interests, keyword history, and question history. 

4. Broad targeting:

It is most helpful for brand promotion. This type of targeting will be visible to everyone on Quora. Here you need not pick history, keyword, or any other option. It will have maximum impressions. 

What can be included and excluded in a campaign?

This is the next step of the campaign. Here you can exclude the negative keywords. So only people searching for related keywords in your business promotion will appear. Users need to select device types and browsers. Mostly you should choose that your ad should be visible to both mobile and desktop versions and support all browsers.

Everyone will use different browsers. Then you can choose the genders to whom your ad needs to publish. Next to it, you can exclude questions and audience types, like which age group of people, which country people can see it, etc., So your business will reach the right audience.

Choose your bid type:

There are three types of bids. They are,

1. Clicks:

Pay for clicks. If people see your ad and visit the website, you need to pay for it. The pricing value is $0.01.

2. Impression:

If you reach 1000 impressions for your ad, you must pay $0.20. Impressions will improve your business. 

3. Generic conversation:

Here, you need to pay per impression. To track generic events on your website, you must install Quora Pixel; you can use this choice to optimize your ad delivery for conversions. 

Display type:

Finally, you need to choose the display type of your ad. There are three types such as,

Image Ad:

Advertises with a featured image, text, and company logo.

  • Headline text: 65 characters
  • Body text: 105 characters
  • Image size: PNG or JPG format with 16:9 ratio and dimension should be 600*335 pixels. 
  • Company logo size: PNG or JPG format with 500*500 pixels.

Text Ad:

Display advertisements without images, only text.

  1. Headline text: 65 characters
  2. Body text: 105 characters

Promote an Answer:

You can advertise your existing answers that enhance your product or service. The answer should be more than 250 characters and meet Quora content policies

How many days will it take to reflect an ad?

Quora ads will take only a few hours to display. If your ad meets all Quora terms and conditions criteria, it will display as soon as possible. It will get rejected if it doesn’t meet their criteria, and you need to submit it again.

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Is the Quora ad worth using?

Yes, it is a budget-friendly platform to promote and target your audience in the right way. You can customize each thing like country, to whom you need to target, what questions can be included, etc., so your target audience will see your ad and route them to your site. So your business and traffic will increase. 

Use Quora ads wisely and improve your business with your target audience. Quora ads are the best way to promote your business.

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