Qatar forward hosting the Qatar World Cup as a spokesperson for the Arab world. They planned to use this chance to connect the Arab world with Western countries.

Football: Not Just A Game

Football is a trendy sport played all around the world. Football has won the hearts of all, from poor to rich, green grass to brown grass. It’s not just a sport; it’s an identity, almost to the level of a festival.

Football has come a long way. Its glorious journey dates back to the 19th century. Alternative game versions have also been found even before the current version arose, which are included in football history. It may be a national game in England, but everyone plays it wisely. From kids to aged people, they love it from the bottom of their hearts. After the pandemic, the Qatar World Cup is known as the “cream of the crop” for football enthusiasts.

How is Qatar chosen for the World Cup 2022?

The Qatar World Cup is set to begin from November 21 to December 18, 2022. It will be the first World Cup hosted in the Arab world and the second in Asia, followed by the 2002 World Cup matches in South Korea and Japan. The system has evolved immensely to the point where a vote of FIFA’s Congress now decides the host nation. It is done through a comprehensive voting system. The decision was taken approximately seven years before the tournament, and the hosts for the 2022 tournament were chosen simultaneously with those for the 2018 tournament.

Former FIFA President Sepp Blatter announced in December 2010 that 22 executive committee members had decided to vote for Qatar for the 2022 World Cup. The United States won, but the Middle Eastern country obtained 14 votes to the USA’s 8.

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At which stadium is the match going to happen?

The Qatar World Cup is held in eight stadiums across Qatar. Qatar’s national stadium, Khalifa International Stadium, is the only pre-existing stadium preferred to host matches. The other seven stadiums were built only for the tournament. Each stadium is 43 miles away, and it takes one hour to reach each. After the match, all six stadiums will be used for the country’s development, and one stadium will be dismantled. The Qatar government has spent $880 million on the FIFA World Cup.

According to the organizers, all stadiums were built with the standards of the global sustainability assessment system (GSAS) acknowledgment. It is environmentally friendly and won’t affect the nature of the country. Solar panels will power all eight stadiums to minimize power consumption.

The stadiums are fully air-conditioned to beat the heat waves in the Qatar climate. The stadiums’ construction began in 2010 when Qatar was officially chosen to host the World Cup in 2022. Along with Khalifa International Stadium (1976), other stadiums are Lusail Stadium (2022), Al Bayt Stadium (2021), Stadium 974 (2021), Education City Stadium (2020), Al Thumama Stadium (2021), Al Janoub Stadium (2019), and Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium (still under construction).

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Will Qatar’s team be a part of the World Cup in 2022?

Everyone will be excited to know whether or not the Qatar team is participating in the Qatar World Cup. When Qatar won the vote against America to host the 2022 World Cup, it automatically became the first country to qualify for the tournament. In all, 2014 was one of the most successful seasons for football in Qatar, with the senior squad winning both the West Asia Football Federation and the Gulf Cup championships and becoming Asian U-19 winners.

Qatar’s team achieved a successful milestone in 2019. They had won the AFC Asian Cup, their most significant achievement in international football. It qualified the Qatar team to participate in the FIFA World Cup in 2022. The Qatar World Cup is not just a game but an entire world celebration!