How to invest in web3? 10 best ways

How to invest in web3

Nowadays, wherever you go, you can hear someone talking about crypto. Web3.0 Crypto is the third generation of the internet, where your privacy is never breached. Let’s see some best ways to invest in web3 here.

How did crypto gain popularity among people? 

A few years back, crypto was seen as a scam, and people were afraid to invest in it. If some people said something about their investment in the crypto project, they would have been treated as illegal people against the government. Later, people started to know the real purpose of crypto and how secure it is. Many people invested in it, causing it to spread to every part of the world.

Nowadays, wherever you go, you can hear someone talking about crypto. It has become a widely accepted form of payment in many places, and awareness has also been created among people. Bitcoin was the first crypto and is known as the father of crypto. Other than this, all cryptos fall under altcoins. In altcoins, there are many categories, such as stablecoins, privacy coins, meme coins, utility coins, governance coins, etc., 

Among these, why should one invest in Web3? 

The crypto trend is changing periodically. At present, Web3 cryptos are the most looked-after coins in the market. Web 3.0 cryptos are nothing but projects that develop decentralized applications on the blockchain. As we discussed in the previous blog, some projects will build dApps on their blockchains, and others will build on other projects’ blockchains with the help of smart contracts.

Currently, we are using Web2 Internet. Here, users’ data is breached and sold to others. Someone is always watching us like a shadow, and there is no privacy. We are using privacy as a price to use the internet. It is like a scam, and this can be overcome by Web 3.0. It is the third generation of the internet, where your privacy is never breached at any cost. You don’t need to enter your details to access it. That’s why techies and people believe Web3 is a successful project. It makes them invest in Web 3.0 projects.

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What are the best ways to Invest in Web3?


Look at the price of the coin. According to your budget, choose the coin and don’t borrow a single penny to buy Web3 coins. Web3 projects are not fully developed yet, so no one knows what will happen in the future. Make sure your money on Web 3.0 coins won’t affect your financial status. Check the launch price, current price, and fluctuations in the market. From this, we can assume whether it will go up or not.

Official Website:

Before investing in a Web3 project, visit their site. Take a short note of it, such as the launching of a project, what they are going to do, what problem they are solving, gas fees, blogs, vision and mission, team members, background, etc.; this will help to bring trust to the Web3 project and can predict how long they will run on the crypto market. 


Transparency is the most important aspect of a blockchain project. It is completely identifiable and much easier to handle. If anybody decides to change the network transaction, every other block in the structure must be changed. It renders the entire transaction manipulation operation incredibly hard. This transparency is a built-in feature that is essential to the blockchain network. It makes it difficult for hackers to alter or manipulate the network.


It is the backbone of the Web3 project. As community strength increases, trust in the project also increases. The people will support only the best projects. The team members’ interactions with the community, responses given to the community, priority and preference, etc., need to be noted because, in case of any issues, we can raise questions with them. The team members should be open to all. 


Web3 Cryptocurrencies and other blockchain technologies rely heavily on GitHub. GitHub projects help developers from all over the world to participate in their code. It enables you and others to collaborate on projects from anywhere, making it simple to contribute to your open source projects.

Social Media:

Social media like Telegram, Medium, Twitter, Discord, GitHub, Reddit, etc., must be monitored regularly. The team will always update their upcoming work on their social media platforms. At the same time, we need to note users’ engagement with the post. If you notice something is wrong, hold on for a few days. Press releases, articles on other sites, contributors’ blogs, etc., can be considered. It will help to know the project well.

Road map:

One of the easy ways to check about the project before investing. One year is divided into four quarters. In each phase, they will explain what they are going to do. Based on this, we can predict when the Web 3.0 coin price will increase and decrease. During the dApps launch, we can expect a price increase. Look at the road map to ensure whether their developments are useful to the upcoming technology.

Passive income:

What is the use of coins to buy and sell? It should give some passive income even when the Web3 coin is not used. Always choose a coin with a high passive income during the staking time. Some coins will give a high percentage of ROI. So choose the Web 3.0 coin accordingly. 

Risk tolerance:

You should accept the coin’s gain and loss. The risk is high in Web3 crypto. If you can accept the reality of the coin, you can invest in it. 

Monitor your portfolio regularly:

Your work is not over after investing in the Web3 coin. The real strategy begins here. You need to watch the market regularly to gain a profit. Once your coin reaches a beneficial value, sell it and buy again. Don’t HOLD for long because the result can change at any time.

So before investing in Web 3.0 crypto, make sure you have followed these ten steps. It will help you to analyze the market and don’t go with anyone’s words. Always do your own research before investing.