10 Weirdest Tourist Places Across the World

Eternal Flame Fall - US

A small item at the waterfall’s base emits natural gas. Interestingly, it can be lit to produce a flame. This flame is visible all year round.

It can be extinguished and must occasionally be re-lit. The flame is fueled by natural gases and burns bright right under a waterfall.

Tunnel Of Love - Ukraine

A section of an industrial railway in Ukraine, this green leafy tunnel seems like something out of a fairy tale.

If you’re planning to surprise your significant other on Valentine’s day, ditch the usual trip to Disneyland and book your trip to Ukraine.

Lake Natron – Tanzania

Animals that die in this African lake are turned into statues, through calcification.

Because of the high alkaline collection, the lake looks red in color, especially during summer in Tanzania.

Spotted Lake Khiluk - British Columbia

Spotted Lake Khiluk is the most mineralized lake in the world. The lake is spotted with 365 separate pools arranged in a strange mosaic-like pattern.

Each of these spots holds a unique and highly concentrated chemical content and is said to cure different diseases.

Christ Of The Aby - Italy

it is a 2.5 METRES TALL bronze statue of Jesus Christ, which is under water.

It is a submerged bronze statue of Jesus Christ by Guido Galletti and is one of the best tourist spots in Italy for thrill seekers.

Caño Cristale - Colombia

The river is commonly called the “River of Five Colors” or the “Liquid Rainbow”. It has been called the most beautiful water body on Earth.

In the summer months, this Colombian river turns red. Counted as the most weirdest places in the world, the river bed is covered by a unique species of plant, and that is what turns red.

Painted Hills - US

Painted Hills is one of those weirdest places across the world.

At Painted Hills of John Day Fossil Beds, the presence of minerals stain the hills in myriad hues. The ever changing light and moisture levels affect the yellows, reds, golds, and blacks.

Confluence Of Rhone And Arve River - Switzerland

There is a defined contrast between these two rivers of Switzerland; one is blue and the other brown. They never fully mix due to the difference in density.

They mix in Geneva, which is situated in Switzerland. It is hard to walk by this beautiful marvel of nature and not feel overwhelmed by whatever nature has to offer us.

Sea Of Star - Maldives

Bioluminescent sea plankton that shines bright blue during the night makes the sea area at Vaadhoo Island look like the Sea of Stars.

The Maldives is listed as one of the cheapest destinations in the world and this beach is one of the weirdest places across the world.

Giant Crystal Cave - Mexico

Deep down in the bowels of the Earth, these huge shiny mineral pillars are enough to make you feel claustrophobic.

This mammoth structure has been growing underneath Mexico for more than 500,000 years.