8 High-Paid Jobs in US After Completing B.Arch

Historic Preservation Architecture

Historic preservation architecture is the practice of conserving and restoring historic buildings and structures. It aims to protect the architectural heritage of a community and to pass it on to future generations. 

Industrial Architecture

Industrial architect designs and plans buildings for industrial use, such as factories, warehouses, and power plants. They consider factors such as functionality, safety, and environmental impact. 

Landscape Architecture

A landscape architect is a design professional who plans, creates, and manages outdoor spaces to improve the human environment. 

Urban Architecture

Urban architecture is the design of buildings and spaces in cities, with the goal of creating livable, sustainable, and equitable environments. 

Architectural Drafter

Architectural drafter uses CAD software to create technical drawings of buildings and structures from architects' sketches and specifications. Coordinates with engineers and construction managers. 

Retrofit Drafter

Retrofit drafter creates technical drawings for the modification or improvement of existing structures or systems. Uses CAD software to create plans, elevations, and sections. Must have strong drafting and technical skills. 

Commercial Architect

Commercial architect: Designs and implements buildings and structures for commercial and non-residential use, such as retail outlets, offices, factories, shopping centers, hospitals, hotels, and sports or recreation facilities. 

Architectural Project Manager

Oversees the design and construction of buildings, ensuring that projects meet deadlines, budgets, and specifications.