7 Social Media Platform: You haven't signed in

7 Social Media Platform: You haven't signed in

1. Sina Weibo

- Most popular Chinese Social Media App. - More than 573 Million monthly active users. - Weibo the "Twitter of China" - Tag users, have one-to-one conversation, create stories like instagram and add hashtag.

2. aka Douyin (TikTok)

- Chinese verison of Tik Tok. - Features like short videos, quirky dances and loads of video editing features. - Biggest Chinese social media platform to date with more than 1 Billion active users around the world.

3. Tencent QQ

- Micro-blogging site. - Similar in function to WeChat. - You can aslo use QQ as a desktop version, making it more convenient for business professionals.

4. Baidu Tieba

- Baidu Tieba is owned by China's largest search engine, Baidu. - Older than Facebook - 1.5 Billion registered internet users - It's ideal for keyword-based ranking, Q&A content and interactive content

5. Tencent Video

- Video-sharing chinese social media platform. - 400 Million active users in China. - More than 112 Million subscribers under its premium offer.

6. Zhihu

- It's similar to Quora in that questions are posted, answered and edited by member of its community. - Users can upvote the answer that they think best, which help those answer gain more exposure. -It offers webinar, e-book and other content for paid membership.

7. Little Red Book

- Its 450 Million users post an average of 450,000 times each day. - An ideal place to grow brand awareness and word-of-mouth marketing. - It's more sales oriented, where user search for new products and brands.