Amazon Go: 8 Crazy facts about Amazon Go

Amazon Go is the first Cashier-less store. The first store was opened in Washington on January 2018.

The concept behind this is to provide customers a seamless shopping experience by using advanced techs like computer vision, sensor fusion and deep learning algorithms

Amazon Go have no traditional checkout counters or cashiers. Customers enter the store by scanning their Amazon Go app, and then they can simply pick up items they want to purchase and leave.

The stores are equipped with numerous cameras and sensors that track customers' movements and monitor the items they take from the shelves

If a customer changes their mind about an item and puts it back on the shelf, the technology detects the change and removes the item from the virtual cart.

The system also allows customers to see a running total of their purchases on the Amazon Go app as they shop. This way, they can keep track of how much they are spending.

To ensure accuracy and prevent theft, the technology in Amazon Go stores is designed to distinguish between items that look similar, such as different flavors of drinks or similar packaged goods.

The checkout process is so efficient that customers can simply walk out after they have finished shopping. The app charges their Amazon account for the items they took, and a digital receipt is sent to their app.