'Blue Moon' The Biggest moon of 2023

Skywatchers are in for a treat this week as the Blue Moon of August 2023 graces our skies, accompanied by another supermoon.

Set your gaze eastward just after sunset on Wednesday (Aug. 30) to witness the brilliance of the year's brightest and largest moon. 

This month's Blue Moon is a true standout, not only being a full moon but also the third one in a season with four full moons, a rare phenomenon according to NASA. 

Adding to its charm, the Blue Moon coincides with perigee, its closest approach to Earth, creating a supermoon effect where it appears about 7% larger. 

While the naked eye might not immediately spot the size difference, the allure of the larger-than-life moon is undeniable. 

Joining the cosmic party, Saturn makes an appearance, shining bright as it emerges just days past opposition, its closest point to the sun. 

Saturn graces the constellation Aquarius, positioned above and to the right of the moon for observers in New York City, creating a stunning celestial duo. 

Those in the Southern Hemisphere will experience a different view as Saturn stands below the moon, still adding a touch of cosmic spectacle. 

Blue Moons, though rare on their own, happen every two to three years, reminding us of the captivating rhythm of the cosmos. 

The last Blue Moon illuminated our skies in August 2021, while we can anticipate the next one to grace our nights in August 2024. 

As we gaze upward, the celestial dance continues, offering us these fleeting yet awe-inspiring moments to connect with the wonders of the universe. 

Don't miss the chance to witness the August 2023 Blue Moon, a radiant symbol of nature's beauty and the mysteries that unfold above.