Guerilla Marketing - The Best Marketing Strategy

Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing is a creative, low-cost approach to promote products/services.

Through unconventional tactics like street stunts, guerilla ads, social media campaigns, etc.

"What are the Benefits of Investing in Guerilla Marketing?"

* Creative & Unconditional  * Effective in reaching target audience * Generate publicity for your business

* Build brand importance and create a positive image  * Flexible & Cost - Effective

In 2012, they achieved a significant feat by sponsoring the first successful Stratos jump from space, garnering immense brand publicity and captivating millions of viewers globally.


In 2013, the company released "The Scarecrow," an award-winning animated short film promoting their sustainable farming practices. Discover their innovative approach in this captivating three-minute video!


Oreo seized the opportunity during a power outage and tweeted a picture of an Oreo with the caption “You can still dunk in the dark.” This brilliant real-time marketing move garnered 10,000 retweets within minutes.


In 2018, Domino's launched the 'Meatfielder' pizza during the World Cup in over 1,000 UK stores. They also introduced a Pizza-nini sticker album with football-inspired names like Romaldo and Mighty Messi.


Guerilla marketing is a crucial strategy for businesses.

It's essential for building brand awareness in a competitive market.

Its creative, low-cost approach stands out, engages audiences, goes viral, and leaves a lasting impression.

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