Six Courses to choose other than Engineering and Arts & Science

1. Bachelor of Fashion Technology (B.FTech): 4 Years

It covers subjects like garment manufacturing technology, textile science, fashion design, and CAD/CAM. This degree prepares you for careers in fashion technology, apparel manufacturing, fashion design, and retail.

2. Bachelor of Event Management (BEM): 3 Years

BEM is a specialized course that equips students with the skills needed to plan, organize, and manage various types of events. It covers topics such as event planning, marketing, logistics, and budgeting.

3. Bachelor of Film and Television Production (BFTP): 3 Years

It covers areas such as scriptwriting, cinematography, direction, editing, sound design, and production management. This degree prepares you for careers in the film industry, television production, advertising agencies, and digital content creation.

4. Bachelor of Sports Management (BSM): 3 Years

It covers subjects such as sports marketing, sports event management, sports law, sports finance, and sports analytics. This course opens doors to careers in sports marketing agencies, sports clubs, sports event management companies, and sports media.

5. Bachelor of Industrial Design (BID): 4 Years

BID focuses on designing products, consumer goods, and industrial solutions. It combines aspects of engineering, design thinking, aesthetics, and user-centered design.

6. Bachelor of Animation and Multimedia (BAM): 3 Years

It covers subjects such as 2D and 3D animation, visual effects, computer graphics, interactive media, and game design. It opens up opportunities in animation studios, film production houses, gaming companies, and etc.,