Northern Light is set to Illuminate 17 States this Thursday, July 13.

According to the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The Northern Lights are expected to be visible in 17 States of the US on July 13.

Seen across parts of Washington, Idaho, Vermont, Wyoming, New Hampshire, Montana, North DakotaSouth Dakota

 MinnesotaNebraska, Massachusetts, Maryland, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, New York, and Maine.

On Wednesday the KP-Index starts ranging by 5 and is visible to some places like Seatle, Des Moines, Chicago, Celveland, Boston and Halifax

By Thursday. the Aurora intensify due to an increase in KP-Index.

The best time to see is between 10PM to 2AM, People are advised to get away from city lights for a better view.

Even the light from the Full moon could diminish the aurora.

People can check the forecast of Aurora on the NOOA's page.

The upcoming Solar storm marks the forth, since 2019.