Threads Vs Twitter

Threads Vs Twitter

Meta's Threads is a micro-blogging platform that allows you to share short text updates in the form of "threads"

Threads hits 30 million users in less than a day.

You can't signup unless you have an Instagram account, you can import bio and followers from your Instagram profile.

Meta has confirmed a 500-character limit for Threads, while Twitter users have a 280-character limit.

Threads allow users (including unverified ones) to post five-minute videos, while Twitter limits non-verified users to two minutes and twenty seconds.

Twitter's homepage trending topics and personalized recommendations, while exploring Threads are currently limited to scrolling through the home feed.

Threads does not appear to have a post draft feature at launch

Threads required pressing enter three times to start a thread, compared to Twitter's plus button.

Threads does not offer a separate tab to view others profile's like.

Threads does not offers a separate tab to view other profile's

As of now, you do not need to pay separately to get verified, if you have one on Instagram. You simply login and it will show up.

Threads currently has no ads, while Twitter displays block of ads on almost every page