Washington Commanders beats Baltimore Ravens

Washington Commanders end Ravens' 24-game preseason streak, winning 29-28.

Joey Slye's 49-yard field goal secures Commanders' victory with 9 seconds left. 

Kyu Kelly's crucial defense denies Commanders' two-point conversion. 

Ravens' Anthony Brown Jr. couldn't run out the clock; Washington gets chance. 

Pass interference call aids Washington's drive; Fromm to Allen sets up Slye. 

Coach Harbaugh values streak, praises players' grit in the game. 

Ravens' Zay Flowers and Commanders' Emmanuel Forbes face off. 

Flowers scores first professional TD; Howell shines for Commanders. 

Ravens' Travis Vokolek catches two second-half touchdowns. 

Ravens break previous record, most consecutive preseason wins since 2021. 

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