14 Best Things About Web Hosting-Bluehost Review 2022

There are numerous hosting companies to choose from. However, you must select it based on your requirements. Most importantly, speed, security, and support are important while building a standard news site.

As a result, Bluehost is a hosting provider that provides excellent customer service, uptime, and value for money. It is one of the best Web hosting choices. It also provides a seamless experience for beginners.

1. Why do you Prefer Bluehost?

Even though we have several options, we chose Bluehost. Because one of the most important reasons is that they are recommended by WordPress as the best hosting provider.

The above image demonstrates the dependability of Bluehost’s service, which results in a good website.

Bluehost currently hosts over 2 million websites. It’s a well-known brand name in web hosting. They can offer good price discounts because they do a lot of business. To demonstrate their reliability, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. What Makes Bluehost Unique?

It is more suitable for beginners due to its user-friendly setup and attractive pricing plans.

When you sign up, you will receive a free domain name. As a result, Bluehost offers the best value for money.

3. Is Bluehost Best for?

Bluehost is ideal for beginners who start their website newly. Most importantly, Bluehost enables you to launch your website without any technical knowledge.

On other hand, if you are looking to start an eCommerce business with tons of products and need the best site speed and dedicated hosting you might want to look at other options.

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4. What does Bluehost Contain?

Bluehost offers various hosting peaks including shared, VPS, WordPress managed web and dedicated hosting.

Thus Bluehost’s shared hosting package is perfect for your blog & it comes in three different packages.

5. Benefits of being a Bluehost customer

  • Money-back guarantee: All hosting plans are eligible for a 30-day (no questions asked) money-back guarantee.
  • Beginner-friendly: Bluehost is ideal for anyone entering into creating and maintaining a website for the first time. This is because there is no requirement for advanced web management knowledge or coding when you set up your site through it.
  • Free SSL certificate: An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate ensures authenticating your website’s identity and encrypts important site information. Thankfully, Bluehost provides SSL certification for free. 
  • 24/7 customer support: The customer support is really good. According to my approaches, they answered me quickly in the chat section and even through calls.
  • Unmetered bandwidth: Bluehost will not limit the amount of traffic that your website(s) can receive.
  • Easy upgrade: Easy to upgrade your plan to VPS or a dedicated server without having to move your website.
  • Dependable server uptime: Bluehost provides a super-competitive 99.98 percent uptime guarantee.
  • Antispam: Provides free anti-spam solutions that are built right into cPanel.

6. Cons about Bluehost

  • Charges for site migrations: Charges a fee to have your site migrated from a different hosting company to Bluehost. Most hosting companies offer this service at no cost.
  • Speed could be improved: Bluehost’s speed did not rank at the top of the table in our tests. It isn’t, however, terrible.
  • Backups: For complete security, you must perform daily backups.
  • Not fit for high-traffic sites: If you are already driving tons of traffic an entry-level Bluehost plan isn’t going to cut it.

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7. Bluehost Performance and Uptime

It is also worth noting that we did not observe any downtime during our testing. See the screenshot above for a detailed look at Bluehost server uptime. According to millions of users, Bluehost has a great guarantee of 99.98% uptime. Therefore no Webhost can provide 100% uptime, so 99.98 is really a good uptime for Bluehost.

8. What does Bluehost contain?

Bluehost offers various hosting packages including Shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress-managed Web Hosting, and dedicated hosting.

As a result, Bluehost’s shared hosting package is ideal for your blog, and it is available in three different packages. Let’s talk about the three plans in the pricing heading below.

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9. Bluehost plans and Pricing

Bluehost ranks highly for value for money, with a score of 4.6/5. The best part? All Bluehost plans include a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The Basic plan is good if you are only going to have 1 website and 50 GB of storage is enough for your project.

You can have as many websites as you want with the Plus plan, and the storage is unmetered. It also includes an unlimited number of email accounts.

If you choose the Choice Plus package, you will receive the Plus features as well as free domain privacy and improved backup options.

The Pro tier is appropriate for those seeking higher performance. With this plan, the maximum number of files you can host increases from 200,000 to 300,000.

Pricing Attention

Unfortunately, during the checkout process, most hosting companies will load your virtual basket with add-on items. These add-ons will increase the cost of your plan, but you can always uncheck them before purchasing.

However, some of these additional items will be worth the money, depending on the type of website you’re looking into…

Notice for new users

10. Which plan suits you with value for money?

If you’re fresh to web hosting or your site was not too large, we recommend starting with Bluehost’s Shared or Shared WordPress plans. They are the least expensive while still providing a good range of features. When your site outgrows these shared plans, you can always upgrade to the more expensive but better-equipped options.

11. Bluehost monthly payment options

Bluehost only offers the following terms for hosting purchase

  • 12 months
  • 24 months
  • 36 months

Therefore 36months provides the best pricing offers

12. Money-Back Guarantee

Bluehost also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you are dissatisfied with their hosting, you can cancel your account and receive a full refund within the first 30 days!

13. Money-back Procedure

The money-back-guarantee only applies to the hosting plans. It does not cover most add-on products, including domain names.

You may get a free domain name with your hosting. If you cancel the hosting, you’ll be charged for it. But you will still own the domain name and be able to do with it as you please. After the obligatory lockdown period, you can transfer it. It remains yours as long as you keep renewing it.

14. Bluehost Add-Ons List

  • You can use $150 worth of credits for Google AdWords, or Bing/Yahoo advertising.
  • Free domain name registration or transfer. This offer allows you to pick from 15 different domain extensions including .com, .org, and .net.
  • Free new drag-and-drop site builder.
  • No charges when it comes to upgrading to a better plan mid-contract. (With other host companies, you’ll normally have to pay the difference between the current plan and the new one you want to upgrade to.)
  • A few security and management features such as an anti-spam filter, shared SSL, and CDN services which are rare to most hosting companies come standard with Bluehost.

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