Greengeeks vs Bluehost – Which is the best host?

Greengeeks vs Bluehost, you need to consider many different things that are important when choosing which company will be the best fit for you and your website. You will want to look at many things, such as their pricing plans, uptime rates, and how fast their support is. We are going to cover all of these things in this article and cover some other things that you will want to keep an eye on.

The article will cover the pros and cons of each company. This includes price, hardware, installation experience, customer support, uptime testing, etc. It will conclude with a summary of which company is better based on the reviews collected through each factor.

Introduction: GreenGeeks vs Bluehost

Bluehost and GreenGeeks are two hosting companies that offer their customers a wide range of web hosting. Bluehost is known for its blueish colour scheme and one-click install, while GreenGeeks offers green hosting and customization.

When you first look at Bluehost, their website seems to make a lot of sense. They want you to buy their hosting as a one-click buy-and-go environment. However, our tests show them not to be nearly as effective as they believe themselves to be, and we recommend looking elsewhere for your hosting needs. is a user-friendly website with a wealth of tools for both new and seasoned users. Their prices are reasonable, considering their support options are more than adequate. Although their hosting does not have the one-click installer of Bluehost, it is still very easy to set up. We found that we could install WordPress, Joomla and MySpace within less than 10 minutes.

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GreenGeeks vs Bluehost – What’s the Difference? 

When we compare the two companies, their similarities are more than their differences. Both offer a simple and intuitive interface for the average user. Both host applications as quickly and efficiently as possible. They both strive for a green environment, with pages that are not filled with advertisements and pop-ups. They both offer affordable hosting plans, and the only difference is the company behind the hosting plan.

However, many differences become apparent when we look closer at the services offered. First of all, GreenGeeks offers a wide variety of hosting plans to suit any application or user. While Bluehost only offers one program varying in price depending on server storage space (optionally including MySQL), GreenGeeks provides a wide array of different packages from which to choose. 

1. Interference

a) GreenGeeks:

There was no interference with our hosting. We easily did what we needed to do, and we had no complaints or reasons to feel otherwise. Our website was hosted without pain, and we were happy with the quality of service offered by GreenGeeks and their friendly and resourceful customer service department when needed.

b) Bluehost:

At first, we thought there was no interference with our hosting, but we soon found out that there was. We had a lot of trouble with our website, where there should have been no problems because we were only using a simple one-page site. Our website was often down or would not load the requested information, which made the site useless. 

2. The Registration Procedure

a) GreenGeeks:

It took to register very fast, less than 10 minutes in total. Their website was easy to navigate with many helpful resources on what they allow you to do. The cost of the hosting service they offered was reasonable, and they have been around for 15 years!

b) Bluehost:

On the registration page, their contact page is not very clear. Their phone number is not listed on their site or anywhere, and two emails were listed for contacting them. We found the current phone number was incorrect, and a message said we must call from another number we did not even know.

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3. Keeping Your Website in Order

a) GreenGeeks:

Their customer service department is very helpful and knowledgeable. We had many problems with our website, and they helped us every step of the way. We had many questions on how to run certain aspects of our website, and they gave us helpful information quickly and on time.

b) Bluehost:

We could not reach their customer service department for days after creating our account. After many calls, we got through and got their help, but we felt like that should not have happened because other hosting companies can get you assistance within minutes or at least half an hour. 

4. Connectivity and site speed

a) GreenGeeks:

We found that our website was quick and reliable. It loaded quickly, and we had very few problems with this. We could easily access our website anywhere, and even through a VPN (Virtual Private Network), their connection still worked fine.

b) Bluehost:

Their homepage was very slow to load. There was no possible way of getting around the server’s problems. However, it would be fine for fast-loading if you tried accessing another page or resource. 

5. Security and Protection

a) GreenGeeks:

We did not have to worry about our website or hosting information, and we could do what we wanted without any problems and without fear of getting it hacked into or compromised. Our hosting and website were safe during our time as a customer of theirs.

b) Bluehost: 

Our website was not secure at all during our time with them. There were many times when our site was down because of their weak security system and when hackers got in and stole valuable information from us. We lost money once because of this, which should never have happened had their security been more advanced.

6. Pricing

a) GreenGeeks:

Greengeeks pricing

The pricing for our hosting service was more than reasonable. We had a lot of fun with our website and did whatever we wanted because of the affordability of the service we received. Our needs have changed since then, and we feel the pricing is fair.

b) Bluehost:

Bluehost pricing

We feel that their prices are very overpriced compared to other hosting companies. They are so expensive because they require you to upgrade after a certain period has passed, and they want you to buy lots of featured packages while in business which should be standard on all new hosting services offered by most companies.

7. Assistance and documentation

a) GreenGeeks:

Their website has a lot of helpful resources on anything and everything you could ask about. They have a large section for tutorials on certain tasks, information on their services, and helpful videos.

b) Bluehost: 

Their website has very little documentation or resources available to the user regarding hosting-related questions. They only have the option of asking a live representative, which can take days to get through, or they only provide guides if you purchase other hosting packages that are not helpful. 

Feature of GreenGeeks:

  1. GreenGeeks offers unlimited bandwidth for all its hosting plans, which is rare among web hosts.
  2. Their GreenGeeks VPS is a very strong and reliable option in the higher-end hosting market.
  3. GreenGeeks offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for its hosting services to know their reliability in the industry.
  4. It has fair pricing plans, and you can get your website up and running very quickly and easily without any headaches.
  5. It has an excellent customer service team. Although they are not immediately available, they respond almost instantly if you write to them using their contact form. Their team members are very helpful and are always happy to answer any questions that you may have. 
  6. GreenGeeks has many users, and it has the largest database of open-source software in its hosting service. With this type of large database, users can get more content for their websites.
  7. Its features include an “automatic daily backup,” which is helpful if the server goes down for a day or two. 
  8. A great page for quick and easy tool integration, like Google Adsense, is available on the GreenGeeks website.
  9. It also offers cPanel and Plesk Control Panel interfaces to its clients and various maintenance services such as installing software, setting up databases, and so much more.

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Feature of Bluehost:

  1. Bluehost ensures that you have access to several tools and applications whenever you need them.
  2. It is affordable, and the user interface is very easy to use.
  3. It has a great customer service team that can help you with any problems with your hosting service or website.
  4. Its features include an “automatic daily backup,” which is helpful if the server goes down for a day or two. 
  5. The support offered by Bluehost includes 24/7 assistance, which is great if you ever need help while on your hosting plan with them.
  6. They offer cPanel and Plesk Control Panel interfaces to their clients, meaning they can easily make changes to their website. 
  7. Bluehost’s features include many applications available at any time and a very easy-to-use interface.
  8. One of the best features of Bluehost is that it offers a domain registration service, where you can purchase your domains to make your website easy to find. Their domains are of great quality, and they will find whatever profession you want.
  9. Bluehost has many web hosting plans and gives the user a great deal with each one that they take advantage of. The web hosting plans include different amounts of space for their site, which means that you can have as much or as little space as you need for your site. 

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Pros and cons of GreenGeeks:

Pros of GreenGeeks:

  1. GreenGeeks currently has an immense database of open source software, which is very good since this is something that every website owner should have.
  2. You can access their service without a credit card or any other form of payment, and you need to pay a small amount of money in exchange for your hosting service or the domain registration you want to purchase.
  3. The pricing plans are very simple; they let you know exactly what you will be paying at any given time while hosting with them.
  4. It is very budget-friendly and affordable, meaning that no one will have problems using its services because its cost is prohibitively high for them to use. 

Cons of GreenGeeks:

  1. No phone numbers are available for their support team, and you can only communicate with them through email.
  2. While it provides an excellent support service for its users, it is inconvenient trying to communicate with its team members. 
  3. There are no free trial periods available. While this may be good for people who want to get a feel for their services before they sign up, it is not good for people who want to try out the services first and then decide whether or not they wish to continue them after the trial period has ended.
  4. The hosting area of the website does not have as much useful information compared to other hosting sites that you would use for comparison to theirs.

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Pros and cons of Bluehost:

Pros of Bluehost:

  1. It has an impressive and affordable pricing plan, which would be very popular with those who want to use the service before deciding whether it’s worth the price.
  2. The website interface is very easy to understand for anyone looking for a hosting service.
  3. The customer service team is outstanding, and they can easily answer any questions that come up regarding their services.
  4. The features offered for their web hosting services and domain registration are very detailed and informative.
  5. The pricing plans may change over time, but they will always notify you before the changes take place, so you know what to expect regarding your accounts with them.
  6. It is a very easy way to get your website up and running without any problems or any hassles when using their services in the future.

Cons of Bluehost:

  1. The domain registration option of Bluehost is not ideal since they don’t give you any control over the domain names that you will purchase with them. They provide you with a list of domains and will buy it for you if you decide that this is what you want at that time in your life.
  2. The support service given by Bluehost is not very good, and it often falls short of what would be expected from a company in this market.
  3. They do not offer as many different web hosting plans as, which means it is hard to find the best method.

GreenGeeks vs Bluehost: Recap

  1. Bluehost does not offer as many different web hosting plans as GreenGeeks, making it hard to find the best method available with them.
  2. The support service given by Bluehost is not very good, and it often falls short of what would be expected from a company in this market.
  3. They do not offer as many different web hosting plans as GreenGeeks, which is a disadvantage for users who choose to use them.
  4. The pricing plans of both websites are pretty much the same if you compare them to each other, which means that it is hard to find the best option out of their respective sets.

Final thoughts:-

Both companies offer great hosting services for your websites. GreenGeeks is a more budget-friendly option that is also easy to use, while Bluehost has more advanced features for you to take advantage of when building your sites online. They both are great options for those who need a good website hosting service and offer the same amount of quality support that the customers need. 

We hope that you will get a clear idea about GreenGeeks and Bluehost. If you have any doubts, suggestions or comments feel free to leave them in the comment section as we are happy to see that.

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Greengeeks vs Bluehost FAQs

What type of hosting does GreenGeeks offer?

GreenGeeks offers shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server hosting.

What type of hosting does Bluehost offer?

Bluehost offers shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting, and WordPress hosting.

Which company is more eco-friendly, GreenGeeks or Bluehost?

GreenGeeks is known for its commitment to sustainability and operates on 300% green energy, making it a more eco-friendly option compared to Bluehost.

Which company is easier to use, GreenGeeks or Bluehost?

Bluehost is considered to be easier to use, with a user-friendly interface and a variety of tools and resources to help customers get started quickly and easily.

Which company offers better performance and reliability?

Both GreenGeeks and Bluehost offer good performance and reliability. They use the latest hardware and software to ensure that their customers’ websites are fast, secure, and always available.

Does GreenGeeks or Bluehost offer better customer support?

Both GreenGeeks and Bluehost offer excellent customer support, with 24/7 availability. However, the specific level of support will depend on your specific needs and the plan you choose.

Which company offers better pricing options?

The pricing for GreenGeeks and Bluehost varies depending on the type of hosting you choose and the resources you need. It’s important to carefully compare the different plans and prices offered by both companies to find the one that best fits your budget.

Does GreenGeeks or Bluehost offer a money-back guarantee?

Both GreenGeeks and Bluehost offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, which allows users to test their services and get a full refund if they are unsatisfied.