WhatsApp update new features in 2022

WhatsApp update new features

WhatsApp was launched in 2009 by former Yahoo employees Brain Acton and Jan Koum. They initially started as one-to-one chatting applications and were specially developed for iPhone users. The application reached 250,000 people in the first year of its launch. It was a great success for the team. In January 2010, WhatsApp was launched for Blackberry mobiles; in May 2010, it was supported for Symbian OS; finally, in August 2010, it was launched for Android phones. Let’s see the WhatsApp updates in this article.

How is WhatsApp important in everyone’s lives?

There were lots of features updated in WhatsApp from 2009 to 2022. The feature update only makes WhatsApp unique from other applications and every year, WhatsApp brings a new and exciting feature. It enters business people’s lives, educational institutes, and almost every field. Our day-to-day life starts and ends with WhatsApp Messenger. Though there was much controversy about leaking data to Facebook, WhatsApp still stands as the No.1 messaging application. There were no ads, interruptions, or pop-ups while using the application. 

How does WhatsApp differ from other messaging applications?

The same concept of messaging is followed in every application. Some highlights will always make WhatsApp an outstanding messaging application. One can create an account using their phone number. Other than this, nothing is required to sign up for an account. An authentication code will be sent to your phone number to ensure your security. By entering it, your account will be created. Without your phone number and one-time password, no one can access your WhatsApp. The messages were end-to-end encrypted; other than the receiver, no one could decode the messages. Many applications are launching in the market based on this encryption method.

Even dual applications can be created; one can be used for personal use and the other can be used for official purposes. Business people mostly utilize dual WhatsApp. Not only this, WhatsApp can be used as a web application too. It will support Windows and macOS. The WhatsApp business model has many highlighted features specially designed for business people. The security level is high in WhatsApp because the two-step verification process is there. Without your knowledge, no one can go through your messages. 

WhatsApp updates from 2009 to 2021:

WhatsApp update 2009:

Initially, there were not many features on WhatsApp. People can send instant messages, keep profile pics, and change their status alone. This status feature attracts lots of users to WhatsApp. Many people started to converse through WhatsApp status and keep changing very often. I’m busy in the gym; I Can’t talk, etc., are a few examples of status.

WhatsApp update 2010:

The most interesting feature, location sharing, was updated. It was first introduced by WhatsApp and is used by many people. Sharing our location allows one to easily reach our place without any difficulties. It worked in many ways. 

WhatsApp update 2011:

Group chatting was introduced. After the update, the messages reached 1 billion in a single day. This is another reason for WhatsApp’s success.

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WhatsApp update 2013:

WhatsApp introduced a new feature called “voice notes.” One can send voice messages to others without typing anything and it saves users time and delivers instantly. Users can hear and feel the messages of their loved ones. After this update, the download counts increased to 500 million. 

WhatsApp update 2014:

Facebook (Meta) acquired WhatsApp for $19 billion. Another interesting feature is that read receipts were introduced. Everyone was astonished by this feature because you know you have sent the message, but you don’t know whether it reached the other end person and whether they read it. So, to overcome this, reading receipts played a major role. If your message was sent, you would have two ticks, and if your message was read, your double tick would change to blue color. 

WhatsApp update 2015:

WhatsApp web application was launched. Without downloading the application, one can use WhatsApp on their desktop.

WhatsApp update 2016:

A desktop application was launched. The video calling feature was updated. The most promising feature is that an end-to-end encryption method was also introduced in 2016. They assured that your messages were fully encrypted and that no one could poke their nose into your business.

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WhatsApp update 2017:

The most likely feature status was updated in WhatsApp. The first thing everyone does in the morning is checking others’ status. It attracts lots of youngsters. It is a simple way of conveying your mood to others.

WhatsApp update 2018:

Many features were introduced in 2018. Stickers, downloads of all WhatsApp data, group calling, UPI payment methods, WhatsApp business, etc., were introduced. 

WhatsApp update 2019:

Some highlighted features of 2019 are dark mode. One can turn on dark mode to reduce eye irritability. Fingerprint authentication will help to ensure your app’s privacy. If you find many useful things in one group, you can copy the link to the group and send it to your friends. They can join by using the link. Downloading of profile pictures was disabled. No one can download your picture. Forwarded labels were introduced. We can easily find whether it was our text or a forward message. A preview of the link was launched. 

WhatsApp update 2020:

The payments option for India is launched. The Disappearing feature was introduced. Within 24 hours, your messages will disappear by themselves. The QR code scanning method was introduced to add friends easily. Instead of blocking, a permanent muting option was introduced. If you mute one person, you won’t see any messages from them. 

WhatsApp update 2021:

Multi support device option was introduced. One can use WhatsApp on the phone and the desktop or web without delay. People can import chats from Android to IoS. Through WhatsApp web, one can make voice and video calls. This feature was updated. A Voice message preview was introduced. Before sending a note, we can listen to it. View once the option was most highlighted in 2021. If a person opens your message and reads it, it will disappear immediately. 

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WhatsApp new updates in 2022:

Many features were introduced in 2022 and are yet to be launched. They are,

  • Group calls are extended to up to 32 members at a time.
  • Emojis can be reacted to in texts.
  • Voice notes keep playing on even when we leave the chat and go into another person’s chat.
  • File sharing is increased by up to 2 GB.
  • Admins can delete unwanted texts from the group.
  • Links can be added in the preview of your status. 
  • The profile picture and last seen feature are updated. You can choose who your profile picture and last seen should be visible. Already the status was updated. 

WhatsApp upcoming updates – Going to be launched in 2022:

  1. Only the admin can see who has left if a user leaves the group. It won’t be visible to other group members. It will prevent people from leaving the group if their friend leaves. 
  2. No screenshot can be taken at the view once messages. For some purposes only, the view once option is enabled by the user. If the opponent takes a screenshot, this option will not be used. So, to secure user privacy, this feature will be updated.
  3. Users can choose whom to see online. By enabling this option, only selected members can see your online status. Others don’t know whether you are online or offline. If you are online, it won’t be visible to them. 

WhatsApp is developing more valuable updates for users’ privacy. In the future, we can expect a lot of new features and secure our privacy.