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AlloyPress was created to make available almost all the information on the internet for free. To make AlloyPress a free content bank is impossible without your contribution. Providing quality content to readers is our goal.

Tips for creating content in AlloyPress

  • Choose the article title wisely (50 – 60 characters in length)
  • Write a unique meta description for your article. Include relevant information about the content in the description. Include your focus keyword in the description. Read the Google Meta description guide to know more about it. (150-160 characters in length)
  • To avoid creating repeating content, search with the keyword using the search icon in the header or check the sitemap page to see the list of titles already published
  • Always find internal linking opportunities to increase the page authority and easy navigation. It is important to give relevant anchor text. Read the anchor text Google article to know more about it
  • Give perfect structure to the content (Use bullet points and table where possible)
  • Write articles in a teaching and educating way
  • From start to end, always think about what your audience is going to learn or get an answer from your content
  • Assign the relevant category and tags for your article
  • Never limit the content to any words. Always try to give the complete information or answer for the title
  • Maintain neutrality when creating content
  • Focus on the search intent of your article audience
  • Do detailed keyword research before starting to write content
  • Show your Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness which give great user experience while reading your content. Read this EEAT blog to know more about it.

What should avoid

  • Don’t create low-quality content
  • Don’t copy and paste contents
  • Avoid link spamming
  • Avoid 100% AI-generated content
  • Don’t try to publish promotional content
  • Don’t create repeated content
  • Avoid plagiarism
  • Don’t use copywritten images
  • Avoid Sexual content, Shocking content, Explosives, Guns, gun parts, related products content, drug-related content, and Online Gambling

Benefits of writing content in AlloyPress

  • A separate author page will be created for you. (The author page will be created when you create a minimum of 3 high-quality articles)
  • You will be eligible to get gifts and cashback through our monthly giveaway according to your content performance.
  • Quality and consistent content creators will be honored with awards and certificates.

Submit your article

  • You can submit your article via mail
  • Write your article in Google Docs or Microsoft Word document
  • Attach the image file separately in the mail
  • Don’t forget to mention the title, meta description, category, and tags(optional)
  • Submit your content via mail to [email protected]
  • After manually reviving your content, you will get an acceptance or reject mail

Wishing you advance to make your content available all over the globe through

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Alloy Press is an information bank trying to keep all the information up to date for all the users in the universe for free. Your contribution will play a vital role. Click Contribute and submit your ideas for adding new posts and pages to Alloy Press.